Client is a professional audio equipment manufacturer in Memphis, Tenn., dedicated to helping musicians sound their best.

Project Overview

Through integrated Amazon advertising and SEO campaigns, lamatique was able to increase the client’s average sales volume from 14,548 total units ordered in December 2019 to 18,031 total units sold in February 2020. 

Notably, we were able to get underperforming products moving on the sales funnel, which historically did not produce any sales. After two months into the Amazon advertising campaign, our efforts resulted in a 26 percent increase in sales volume, a 23 percent increase in total units ordered and a 21 percent increase in Amazon product listing pageviews. 

Notable Achievements : 

New Email Users: +19.18%                          Deal of the Day Page Sessions: +99.82%

Add-to-Cart Conversion Rate: +18.59%    Speaker Cabinet Page Sessions: +47.28%